Society Advertisement - An Impact Branding Solution

Lift Branding & Brand Activation in Highrises

  • Delhi
  • Gurgoan
  • Noida
  • Ghaziabad

Why Advertising is Done ?

  • Creating a long lasting Impact to the Target Customer
  • Creating a lasting Brand image in customer’s mind
  • Increasing product demand in the market
  • Advertising is the only medium you can control
  • Advertising allows you to target ideal customers only
  • Advertising creates awareness for your content
  • Advertising adds credibility to your message

Our Prestigious Brands in Lift Advertisement

Why Advertise in Lifts?

  • Creativity
  • Captive Audience
  • Cost effective
  • Continuous Exposure
  • Customization and Micro Targeting
  • Multiple Ads during the campaign

Customers are attentive inside lift and repeated view of brand Creates long lasting memory.

Memory can be striated into three mechanisms - sensory memory, working memory and long term memory. Attention is the bridge between sensory memory and working memory.

Advantages of Lift Advertisement

  • Study shows person is most attentive inside a lift
  • An attentive mind keeps vision in his memory longer
  • Economical and high returns in comparison to print and electronic media
  • Location specific to reach target segment
  • This is direct customer dialogue which comes to notice of target customer without fail
  • We recommend for canopy activities post brand display in the same societies to make our campaign a grand success
  • Frame Size is 13.20 Inch x 19.20 Inches to look attractive and fit as per the small area available inside lift.

Our Services

  • We at Servicekaart ensure that your brand reaches to your target customer
  • We have wide network of societies and adding up everyday in NCR
  • We have various plans to suit your need and budget.
  • We have rotational facility of creative to ensure maximum penetration inside a societies.
  • You can select societies based on your target audience
  • 1000+ touch points in Delhi NCR and Adding more everyday
  • Printing of advertisement and installation will be done by us
  • Creative can be changed once in a month